About MIIF

MUIT Incubation & Innovation Foundation is a platform focusing towards fostering & promoting the entrepreneurial spirit of start-up enthusiasts by providing a healthy ecosystem to promote their ideas, start-ups and researches into successful entrepreneurial ventures. It is a space for new age entrepreneurs and budding young minds to transform their innovative ideas into viable business propositions. MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation is recognised as an incubator by Department of IT & Electronics, Government of Uttar Pradesh.


Restoring the enterprising spirit of society with entreprenuership skill in individuals for sustainable development.


To develop capability among individuals to disrupt the status quo in existing business, objectives, processes and knowledge for a better world.


  • To support entrepreneurs, successfully complete the process of generating ideas and converting it into a business enterprise.
  • To enable entrepreneurs, ensure generation of knowledge based idea and its protection for their business model.
  • To encourage entrepreneurs adopt traditional family businesses for converting into a modern –practice- based enterprise.
  • To enable students develop entrepreneurship skills through on-job learning in association with MUIT Incubation & Innovation Foundation (MIIF).