The MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation (MIIF) organized this workshop to fulfil the requirement of the Startups, Incubatees, Students and Faculty members on knowing the finer details of opportunities for Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics.

The objectives of the workshops are as follows –


  1. To make a better understanding of Digital Marketing and Social Media Platform for Startup Business as well as the understanding various opportunities for Students.
  2. To help our incubatees and startup firms for using this platform with effective communication for possible target markets.
  3. To help our incubatees to manage their digital marketing strategies with effective cost management strategies.
  4. To discuss some technical tools such as Search Engine Optimization and Web designing for startup business.


Keywords of Discussion:


  1. Digital Marketing Tools
  2. Social Media Analytics
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Mobile Marketing Techniques


Outcomes of the Workshop:


Mr. Kaushal Bhalla discussed various digital marketing tools both free and paid available for startup business. He discussed many issues with Google Analytics, Social Media platform, website traffic management for technical support to budding startups in India.


Mr. Pendem Raju elucidated on the emerging field of Digital Marketing in India. He explained the need, importance and scope of various digital marketing tools for startup business. He was also suggested to incubatees, students to reach the customer by free and paid version of Google analytics platform.


The workshop was organized by Dr. Vijay Kumar, Convener and Host, Mr. Puneet Pandey, Manager MIIF and Mrs. Neha Srivastava, Incharge MIIF.