The MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation (MIIF) successfully organized an Entrepreneurship Development Programme (EDP) on “Essentials of a Successful Entrepreneurial Venture” from 22nd to 23rd July 2023 (Saturday and Sunday). The EDP aimed to motivate the students and startups to participate and contribute in maintaining of Startup Ecosystem in Uttar Pradesh and enable them to start their own business startups with confidence. The event brought together experts and professionals from the industry to share their knowledge and experiences.


Program Speakers:

  1. Sudhir Agarwal, Director and Faculty- Digital Transformation, Wadhwani Institute of Technology and Policy (New Delhi)
  2. R.K Gupta -Project Director, MIIF


EDP Highlights:

The EDP commenced with an opening address by the MIIF Project Director, Mr. R.K. Gupta, who welcomed all the participants and expressed gratitude for their presence. He emphasized the importance of entrepreneurs and their role.

The EDP delved into several key points, which were of immense value to the participants:

  • Defining Entrepreneurship: The program delved into the concept of entrepreneurship, clarifying what it means to be an entrepreneur and understanding the role they play in driving innovation and economic growth.
  • Essentials of Entrepreneurship: Participants were enlightened on the fundamental qualities and skills required to be a successful entrepreneur, including creativity, risk-taking, adaptability, and perseverance.
  • Universities’ Role in Entrepreneurship: The role of universities in fostering and improving the entrepreneurial ecosystem was discussed, emphasizing the importance of educational institutions in nurturing future entrepreneurs.
  • Running a New Startup: The EDP provided valuable insights into the intricacies of launching and managing a new startup, covering aspects such as idea validation, market research, funding, and scaling. 
  • Government Startup Grant Schemes: Participants were briefed about various government initiatives and grant schemes available to support and encourage startups in their initial stages.

The Entrepreneurship Development Programme on “Essentials of a Successful Entrepreneurial Venture” conducted by MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation (MIIF) was a resounding success.

 It provided valuable insights and knowledge to participants, empowering them to take the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship with confidence. The active participation of industry experts, coordination by MIIF members, and the engagement of the attendees ensured a highly informative and fruitful event. Dr. Sapan Asthana, the Dean of Academics, delivered closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all stakeholders and encouraging continued engagement in future events and initiatives. 

The EDP played a pivotal role in promoting a conducive environment for startups in Uttar Pradesh and fostering a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among the participants. MIIF’s efforts in organizing such programs are commendable and contribute significantly to the growth and success of the startup ecosystem in the region.

The EDP witnessed enthusiastic participation, with 396 registrations from different institutions and active engagement from 138 participants.  The question and answer session of the lectures were efficiently moderated by Mr. Puneet Pandey, Manager, MIIF, contributing to the program’s interactivity and knowledge exchange. 

The event’s seamless organization and success were the result of the dedicated efforts of MIIF members, including Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav, Dr. Sneha Verma, Dr. Gaurav Shukla, Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Ms. Sagarika Kabra, Ms. Rishika Kaushik, and Mr. Ashish Awasthi, who served as program coordinators.