The MUIT Incubation and Innovation Foundation (MIIF) organized the workshop entitled ‘Patent for Protection of Knowledge Property’ to acquaint the Startups, Incubatees, Students and Faculty members of the finer details of patent process. Therefore, the webinar was organized with the following objectives-

  1. To provide solutions for patent related challenges in a wider discussion.
  2. To provide physical details of patent filling process to Startups, Incubatees, Students and Faculty members.
  3. To provide a platform to participants for practical problems discussion on patent filling issues.

Major Points of Discussion

  1. Patent Rights
  2. Cost of Patent Filing
  3. Process of Patent Filing
  4. Challenges in Patent Filing
  5. Types of Inventions for Patent Filing
  6. Patent relevance for Business/Startups


Dr. Sudheer Kumar elucidated on the importance of patent for startup/incubatees. He also recommended adherence to the international patent policies and structure which might be very beneficial for startup firms. He emphasized on the novelty of the idea before proceeding for patent filing.

Ms. Latika Khanduja presented on the process of patent filing in detail. She discussed the step-by-step challenges, cost, time consumption chart and other issues for patent filing. She suggested that the patent filing process can be managed by taking the help of patent attorney and the ways in which the new startups/ incubatees should deal with the various patent filing issues.

Mr. Akhil Kumar spoke about the rules and regulation for patent filing. He discussed few technical issues, pros and cons of patent filing and guided the participants how to deal with different challenges.

The workshop was organized by Dr. Vijay Kumar (also the Convener and Host), Dr. Himani Kulshreshtha (Co-convener) and Mr. Puneet Pandey, Manager MIIF.