Mentors For Incubatees MIIF

Mentors will play a key role in guiding the incubatee both on the knowledge aspect as well as on the implementation aspect. It is proposed to have two types of mentors-Faculty mentors and Industry Expert mentors. Faculty mentors will primarily be teachers, who are involved in class room teaching/research/innovation and have been mentoring university students for knowledge gain and its application in professional domain. Mentoring an incubatee may be a new proposition for a faculty mentor, but while interacting with the incubatee, the faculty mentor will find a great opportunity to explore knowledge based application areas. The Industry Expert mentors have a firsthand experience about the intricacy in relevant business domain. They will be in best position to share their experiences with the incubatees and will be able to guide them with a real world perspective. The faculty mentor and industry expert mentor will complement each other and create a win-win situation for themselves as well as for the incubat.

Consultants for Incubatees

Consultants will be those experts who will be providing services to the incubatee. Most of these services have been identified at MIIF. The incubatee will identify a suitable consultant from the panel of experts available with MIIF or choose an expert from outside the panel. MIIF will facilitate by defining the services and arriving at an agreement between the incubatee and consultants.